Colourful pasta

Colouring pasta dough is very easy. You just need a coloured purée and adding it to your dough as you bring it together. You can obtain a bright pink dough with beets, a deep dark black dough with squid ink, a green dough with spinach, and a golden orange dough from tomato paste.

600 g flour

5 eggs

1 tomato puree

50 g boiled and minced spinach

black ink squid

50 g boiled and minced beetroot

300 g goat cheese

150 g mascarpone

100 g smoked salmon

150 g butter

salt and pepper


After you have prepared the pasta dough, divide it into five parts. Leave one in a neutral colour. Add into one the tomato juice, and the other the ink, the third one mix it with the spinach and last one with beetroot.

Once the dough is ready make the pasta layers.

Take the coloured pasta and with a very small pasta cutter make the confetti. We lay the neutral coloured layer down and we put the confetti on top and then we need to go through the pasta machine. In this way, we got the pasta with polka dots. In a large bowl let’s mix mascarpone, goat cheese and the smoked salmon. Season with salt and pepper. Cut the layers in small squares, put stuffing in the middle and make the tortelli. Cook the tortelli in salted boiling water and season with melted butter.


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