The Superfoodies

Helping picky eaters to eat more veggies- for fussy eaters to make kids eat vegetables and increase vitamins intake. PDF only available.

We are two fun mums and we created the “Super Foodies” comic book to make kids eat more veggies.

Here is something about us:
Isabel, an illustrator juggling her drawing job with teaching kids and being a mum of two little boys aged 4 and 1.
Vicky, a cook tutor and mumtrepreneur teaching cooking classes in London and mum of a 3 years old boy and another boy is on the way.

During lockdown, we got a bit desperate because we noticed that although the efforts in cooking healthy meals, our kids were not very keen on eating some veggies. As members of many Facebook mums’ groups, we soon realised we were not the only ones. Thousands of mums were posting about the same issue: How can I get my kid to eat more veggies?
There we had the inspiration.
We saw that telling stories was super useful in solving other issues, when for example you have troubles doing potty training. We put together our skills to make something unique. So we created a story about 3 little chefs who become heroes when they eat the veggies they cook.

Why does it work?

  • Reading to your children has always been a proven way to solve problems. In fact what you do when you read to them is to provide them with a deeper understanding about their world and fill their brains with background knowledge. They then use this acquired background knowledge to make sense of what they see, hear, and read, which aids their cognitive development. Reading a comic about super hero acquiring their power from veggies, will make them want to eat the veggies because they will think veggies will make them stronger and with more superpowers.
  • The comic takes the stress out of a situation that highly frustrates you. A positive environment during mealtime is the key for kids to enjoy food. It is proven that the more stressful mealtimes are, the more your kids will refuse to eat whatever you want them to eat.
  • It gives back to the kid the power to make a decision so they are more willing to try new food. The “Division of Responsibility in feeding” is a well know successful theory in tackling picky eaters issues. According to this theory, parents decide when and what to serve, but kids choose how much they eat and whether to eat.
  • We give you veggies-packed simple recipe that you can make with your kid. Involving kids in cooking a meal makes more involved in the making process and gives them a sense of control of the meal time.

This is the first comic of a series that will involve the Superfoodies. In the first story, the 3 mini chefs will prepare some delicious and healthy Spinach pancake. When you buy the comic, you get the story and the recipe. This is a digital item. You will receive a PDF file with 12 pages.