To educate people about how much fun can be to cook together with family and friends. Cooking together is a bonding experience that brings people closer. But the benefits don’t stop here. It also educate families and kids to eat healthier.

Hi, I’m Vicky!

I am an Italian cooking tutor who wants to spread the passion for good and healthy food in London. I moved here 6 years ago and since then I has been feeding hundreds of people using the techniques learned from my grandmother.

Vicky Pasta Making

Before teaching cooking classes, I studied Law and then , I worked as  a tax advisor. After a while, I realised that working in the legal sector was not for me. I was depressed all the time and then I started seeing a therapist. There I understood, I had to do things for myself and stop pleasing others.

And this is how it all started. I enjoyed cooking and sharing my passion with others. My passion for cooking started more than 30 years ago. As a child, I used to watch my Grandmother preparing delicious food for our family. I was not only watching but on some lucky occasions, I took part in the process. My tasks as Nonna Teresa’s assistant chef were messing around with flour and playing with the dough. I started learning like this, having fun and playing. 

Vicky Pasta Making

Where I grew up in Southern Italy, I was surrounded by the flavours of my beautiful land. Throughout my childhood I would spend days making homemade pasta with my grandmother and eating produce from my father’s vegetable garden. Because of this heritage, I focus on high-quality homemade Italian food.

So once I had found a passion, I had to decide what to do with it. I didn’t have any savings to open a restaurant or launch a food product. I could teach how to make homemade pasta which required lots of skills but zero investment. So my future was decided. I started teaching cooking classes in London, first part-time whilst juggling between two jobs and then full time. 

When I was expecting my first child, I made the jump:


I started working full time for my own cookery school. 

I tested the recipes on friends first and then started advertising the classes online, through directories, social media, local flyers and through word of mouth. The classes grew to the point where I was running them every weekend. I created a job I thoroughly enjoy. It is so creative, enjoyable and it fits my family life. My cooking classes are open to anybody but are specifically aimed at young adults and families

I am finally doing the job of my dreams, where I have fun and I am always surrounded by fantastic people.

Hi, I’m Annachiara!

I grew up in Italy surrounded by family and friends who loved food, especially pasta, tagliatelle and a glass of wine. Every memory of my childhood somehow involves food, going to the markets, cooking with my parents, eating and talking about food until falling asleep.

Soon after finishing the university in Bologna, I moved to the US where I gained my Bachelor Degree in Architecture. After finishing my studies I decided to travel the world and discover new cultures and new food. Wherever I travelled I was amazed at how much people were proud of their cooking and all that nature had to offer. I started to take an interest on international cuisine which I always try to incorporate on my cooking now. Once back in London I worked for some amazing chefs, learning new skills and techniques.

Annachiara Class

Growing up in Italy surrounded by people who spend hours and hours cooking, smelling and tasting each ingredient taught me how to be grounded and comfortable with raw ingredients. My travelling experiences taught me how enjoyable it is to experiment with food, while my experience as Londoner gave me the confidence to spread the passion for cooking and good food!

Annachiara Class

That’s exactly how I structure my classes, making everyone feel comfortable in the kitchen! Once, everyone feels comfortable and at home the fun starts! Playing, experimenting is a must in every of my class.

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Pasta 'N Play focuses on using natural ingredients and respecting the environment and having fun while cooking.